Monday, July 13, 2015

Spiritual Enlightenment, Krispy Kreme Donuts, & Dairy Queen Blizzards! Oh my! :)

I had a pretty awesome week filled with spiritual enlightenment, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Dairy Queen Blizzards. I spent a ton of support on 2 of those 3 things. I will let you guess which ones they were. Elder Ardern was incredible. Best of all, Elder Ardern didn't even come in to the office the whole time he was here. That means I didn't get even 1 chastisement from him. We cleaned the office up so nicely. We even washed the walls... No wasted effort right? Mission tours are just so busy. Me and Elder Duduya didn't even get an interview with Elder Ardern. Even the APs only got a very informal quick interview while sitting on presidents couch. I learned a lot though. I learned a ton about being a 70. You know I don't think we really think too often about 70's and what they do or who they are. I got to attend all of the meetings that he attended and it was really cool to see that for every meeting he went to he taught something completely different. It probably would have been best for the whole mission to have gone to one really big meeting and have Elder Ardern teach everyone all at once. I know I learned tons from all 3 meetings.

I did finally meet up with Elder Crichton! I saw him at one of the meetings. He is doing pretty good and has a really cool companion right now so Sister Crichton probably doesn't need to worry too much. Actually I have a picture of him along with my entire mission family. I will send it a little bit later. I have one of the biggest "families" in the mission right now haha. Both Elder Masina ( 2 times) and Elder Hapi (1 time) have both trained and I have two "brothers" in the mission as well. Elder Crichton and Elder Artates. 

At the meetings we were mainly in charge of making sure Facility Maintenance did their job and set everything up correctly. After that was done and dealt with, we ended up doing some jobs like passing around the microphone during the question times. We didn't go and pick Elder Ardern up at the airport. He lives out here in the Philippines I think.

So now you all have brand new Iphones and Ipads... What the heck! You guys have way too much money. You should save that money up so you can buy me a new Iphone. Hey, my chess set just came in! It is beautiful and fully hand carved but it turned out that the Barbie Motorhome curse is far reaching and even when you're in a completely different country, it still messes with you. I opened up this beautiful chess board and to my surprise one of the Pawns were missing from it... so I quickly called up the guy that makes the chess sets and he is going to make me a new pawn. I will send you photos of the board as well.

Wow Toronto will be a cool mission Jaxson! It is pretty much a different county out there, right? He will have a great time out there. The church, I think, wants to try to get things to the point where there is no need for foreign missionaries in a country. It is a lot easier if you can just stay in your own county. It also saves the church a ton of money and missionaries can focus on honing their teaching skills rather than a new language. 

Anyways, as you can see, I did have a pretty awesome week filled with spiritual enlightenment, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Dairy Queen Blizzards. I love you lots!

Elder Nielson

My Mission Family!! (People that I have trained and they have trained). 

My new hand-carved chess set minus one piece!

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