Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Wow - you got rain! That is so cool. Fasting is so powerful. I am glad you were able to see a miracle like that. 

I can't wait to try out Dad's new pizza oven Father's Day present! I just ate some great Pizza Hut earlier today haha. Actually, a member from Batangas just came back from Saudi Arabia and came and visited me and took us all out for lunch. I told him to add you on Facebook so he could send you the photo. His name is Romel. Great guy, he even brought me Galaxy Chocolate (soooooo good). 

I am so sad that I have to miss a second Canada Day in a row. All you lucky cats are just going to party it up eating cotton candy all day as I slave away out here in the office! Have a fun day! 

Tell Dad that he needs to fix his knee so we can play basketball when I get home. He needs to get it checked out! I loved your Royal Tyrrell Museum  trip photos by the way haha. Aren't you just the best paleontologist in the whole world! 

The first week of the transfer we are saying good bye to old trunky missionaries and saying hello to the new ones so we don't really leave to office except to go to San Pablo. We are super busy on weeks like that. The next 2 weeks we will be going to almost every zone in the mission to change water filters so we will be driving around probably 4 of the 7 days. That last 3 weeks are spent dealing with all of the problems that apartments have and trying to catch up on office work. We do a lot of driving and work outside the office. We almost never stay over night at other apartments unless we go to one of the islands (never been yet). We are still looking for a new apartment for the sisters. Speaking of sisters I saw Sister Rasmussen and her family. Right as soon as her mom read my name tag she says "Hey - I know your mom!". Haha you must have made a lot of good missionary mom friends haha. (When I heard they were going to pick up thier daughter, I actually messaged Sister Rasmussen and asked her to say hello to Erik for me! :))

Last night Elder Duduya and I had a pretty good lesson with 6 referrals. They could all potentially be baptized, so that would be really cool to get in the office. Its nice to get out and do a little missionary work after hours!

Well thanks for the email Mom - sorry that my emails have gotten crappier as my mission has gone on haha. These things are hardly blog-worthy. Oh well. Love you lots!

Elder Nielson      

Hey - Happy Fathers Day Dad! Even though I am not at home and am able to see with physical eyes the great job you are doing, I know that you are being a great father. Love you lots Dad. Keep up the hard work. I also know that you are being tried really hard in your life right now but remember, all sorts of blessings hide inside the trials we face. You're just being tested so that when you get called as stake president you will be ready for that. ha-ha Jk. Well I hope everything is going good for you back at home. 1 more week and you can almost relax a little bit! Hey, that reminds me. You need to make relaxing a part of everyday life. So try to make that more of a priority. With the work-load you are taking on right now, death might come for you when your only 60 if you don't spend some time relaxing. Well anyways even if no one else notices how much work you're doing, just know that I do. And I think you are an awesome dad. I tell everyone that I have the hardest working dad in the whole world and he is that way because of how much he loves me and the rest of his family. Well happy Fathers day.

Your son, Elder Nielson :)

 Elder Nielson, Elder Duduya, Elder Tamanguel(sp?), Elder Bryson

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    An Elder named Bradyn English serving in the Philippines San Pablo Mission recently posted on his blog (see link below) that a non-married man and woman who are living together in the Philippines can get baptized.

    His blog post states, "The area presidency recently released a new rule that as long as two people have been living together for 5 years or more, they are allowed to be baptized, just because it is really hard for people here to get married or to get a divorce."

    Is this true?