Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Burgers, Trucks, and a New Challenge!!

Hey mom! I am glad you are having such a good time out there in Disneyland without me. Just kidding! It does look like you are having a good time though. 

I had a pretty good week last week! ha-ha I got to go out to Taal Batangas area a little bit last week and it was super fun. I also got to use my brand new truck a little bit. I has just over 200 km now. When was the last time you got to drive a new car like that? I also just finished a burger challenge called RC burger challenge where I had to eat an entire burger bigger then my head in under 5 mins. I did it in 4 mins and 56 seconds! 

My life has also gotten even crazier, if you can believe it! We pulled out the mission president's hand book with our president and in there it says that the office should be closed at 4:00pm everyday in order for us to go out and get some real missionary work done. My jaw kinda dropped at that statement because I already feel like I am working harder and faster then ever before in my mission. President told us that "no other office elder has yet been able to figure it out but", he said, "if you do we will surely be blessed". He also said that if we can't do it he won't be disappointed or mad or anything else because literally no one else has been able to do it before. Our mission is a fair amount different in the way we operate then other missions and that doesn't really help. Example, other missions have 4-6 office elders along with 4-6 Office Couple missionaries. Our mission only has 2 Office Elders and 2 Office Couple missionaries. The other thing that other missions have is couple missionaries in every zone. We only have couple missionaries in 4 zones (our mission has 9 zones) That means that we have to do all of the couple responsibilities in 5 zones. 

Crazy right? Well that's my life right now. I hope you have a great week. Send more pictures! . Love you lots.

Elder Nielson
 Those are some long stick man legs!
 Some pretty cool artwork in Taal!

 Nobody's going to steal my keys!! :)

 Brand new truck!!
Think its time to change this filter?? :(

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