Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Letter to Dad! Early Father's Day!

Hey Dad,

I am sorry I wasn't able to email anything until now. Elder Daduya and I have been madly running around in circles lately like a chicken with no head. Monday we had a special meeting until about 4pm and than after that we took off to do some repairing at a sisters' apartment. The sisters' shower had broken due to the valve breaking. I can now proudly say that I could totally be a plumber one day! We replaced it in no time. The landlord was supposed to replace it but she was acting a lot like a "bad word" and refused and told the sisters to just kill their water and live with no shower. She also said a bunch of other stuff about how they act like a bunch of children and some other things that I don't want to type into an email being sent to my family. Needless to say, the sisters will be getting a new apartment in the next couple of weeks and the land lord will still have to replace the tap we put in because we bought the cheapest piece of plastic crap we possibly could find and it is not compatible at all with any shower heads. Yes the sisters will have to suffer for a couple of weeks but hey, TAKE THAT MEAN LANDLORD LADY! 

Tuesday we dealt with cars all day long. We literally were trying to repair or take in to the shop, all of the cars that our mission owns. It was a crazy hectic day because we were using different shops for each individual car and they were spread out all over San Pablo. Wednesday, we were dealing with our district meeting along with fixing up President's car in the morning. 

In the afternoon/evening we had to deal with counting and organizing by companionship the new 10600 pass-along cards that me and Elder Daduya made. I also made a really cool little tri-fold business card style thing in publisher that President will now be giving out to missionaries as they leave the mission. Elder Daduya and I actually have to go and get the wallet sized card printed by a printing company later today. We still haven't really gotten too much proselyting done. Elder Daduya and I normally just talk to as many people as we can as we're out traveling the mission and when we find interested people we refer them to the missionaries in the area. Actually it seems like we find a lot more interested people then normal elders do. I think that is just God is helping us find good interested people to let us know that even when your in the office, normal missionary work is still important. 

Well I can't wait to be in church with you guys and see what it really is like to have a dad as a bishop. Our bishop in our ward just got released. This is his second time as bishop. His first time he went 5 years and 6 months and his second time he did 6 years and 9 months. I hope that doesn't happen to you. Well love you lots Dad. Sorry about the late reply.

Elder Nielson

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