Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trying Hard to Prevent Trunkiness!! Three letters!

Hey Mom - I am liking the random photos you sent! Elder Richards got 8 screws in his arm!!! Wow that's crazy...  I hope he heals up ok! You may have gotten to meet Dr. Allan Grant but you didn't get to meet the first Canadian woman in space like I did. 

Well Everything is going great out here but today is a really crappy day. I have all of these super trunky missionaries here in the office right now. They arrived last night and they are so ready to go home ha-ha. They all need to leave right now so I won't get trunky! Ya - Elder Kikel and Sister Rasmussen are both on their way out of here. The batch leaves tomorrow to Manila where they will get to go to the Mall of Asia and the the temple. Then on Wednesday, they will all hop on planes and head home. 

You didn't send Ben's rat photo! I haven't really heard to much from Ben but hey that is super cool that he is now AP. He doesn't have that much time to be AP though... How many months does he have left in his mission? It is weird that he would be put in now. Here in this mission AP and OE is a 6 month calling at least. Elder Daduya, my comp, will be going on 9 months in the office - which is a new record. A record I am so glad I have no chance of ever holding. 

The new truck is super nice as always. I haven't hit anything or anyone yet so that is a bonus. One of the AP's hit someone with their side mirror the other day ha-ha. That was an experience! The worst part about the whole thing was that the guy they hit was a Barangay captain which means he was kind of like the head of the community police. He made those elders pay him some good money! Oh well. 4pm missionary work is kind of like Christ-like perfection. It is something that we hold as a goal and constantly push ourselves to achieve it and progress but we will never attain it in this life. We are able to get out and do work and sometimes it is at 4pm but we always have to come back later in the evening and finish up some mission work. But I am glad that we are finally finding time to do some good teaching. The reason president wants us to make this push is because the area presidency is coming out in 2 weeks and will really chastise us super hard if anything in the office is not the way the brethren in the first presidency has it written in the presidents hand book. Well other than that, everything is going just peachy out here. 

I love you lots - oh hey, make sure I have some good money on my card I got some good gifts for my family :). 

Elder Nielson

Hey Dad! That is super cool that you were able to find some long lost relatives. That will be pretty fun for you to go out and meet with them. I can't wait to meet them too haha. Well I hope that you won't be too stressed this week and that the school stuff will go smooth. Tell all of the students good luck on their exams for me. Hey how is Matt doing with his mission prep? I hope he is still doing just fine with that stuff and nothing is slowing him down. Well hope you have a super fun week and that everything runs like it is supposed to. Love you lots.

Elder Nielson

Wow, awesome talk Kenzie! Thanks for sending me a copy! You could just be the next John Bytheway. Your talk was both inspirational and church focused. You make me want to set and make good goals and then go out and achieve them. Hey good luck with your exams. I know that it seems like a big load to carry but guess what? A lot of people have gone before you and did just fine on them (ex. ME) so don't stress to much. You'll do just fine.

But hey speaking of the fact that I will be going home in 4 months or so, I need you to be a nice "member" and start hitting me up with the "referrals" if you know what I mean ;). I expect to have a good "teaching pool" waiting for me, when I get home, that I can choose from. Actually, an email or two from some "potential investigators" would be nice as well. Now you will be going to collage in the fall right? Just remember to start spreading word that a pogi RM is coming home. Haha JK ( but actually not really:P) Anyways love ya lots. Thanks for the email.

Elder Nielson

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