Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bad News from Home!!

Wow that is a lot of bad news... Hey Grandpa Nielson is still alive I guess that is good news right? Send my love to Grandma Pat and Auntie Natalie! And tell Paige and her new husband Cleigh congratulations. 

Tell Sister Crichton that I don't get to go to that big meeting on the 12th. We are too busy and not really needed out there. :( Oh well I am sure that Elder Crichton will do just fine without meeting his brother in the mission (Elder Richards trained both of us). Oh hey, tell his mom just to send the package by normal post only. The government does weird stuff here to "special post" and it might end up costing Elder Crichton big bucks to just pick the package up. I didn't get to see Elder Richards. He was so sad before he left though. Sister Mangum said that he had like 5 baptisms lined up and a lot of plans with his batch going home. I feel so bad for him. That is a really crappy way to end your mission. 

Hey Dad - that is so rotten that your hard drive is fried! Wait hold up... how can Western Digital ensure that a hard drive can last into the eternities? I thought it was a common law that all hard drives eventually die and that we need to always be backing files up but of course you knew that didn't you. I think you should get your money back because your eternal hard drive didn't even last until the millennium. I can't believe best buy wants to charge $1500 to retrieve data off of your hard drive. I could take it to any one of the countless computer places out here and have them fix it for 200 pesos and it would take no longer then a day. I have seen some of the stuff they can do out here. I saw a computer that had lit on fire, the owner wanted his files back, and almost all of them were retrieved.  

Anyways, sounds like a big week of bad things happened to you guys out there back at home. I am really sorry about that. 

I am starting to get used to the work out here in the office. The lack of sleep is the only thing that is really weighing down on me. Other then that I am pretty much used to the work out here and I am really starting to like it. Last night we taught a lesson to a family who are all members but 2 of the kids. The dad is moving back into activity and the mom came to church on Sunday yesterday for the first time in forever. She has a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and we are trying to resolve. An example would be 1 Nephi 4 where God commanded Nephi to kill Laban. She said that if God truly loved all of his children he would have given Laban many more chances to repent and that he would have also found a different way for Nephi to get the plates. We explained that God gave Laban many chances to repent and that it was the only way Nephi could get the plates. Along with that we gave accounts in the Bible of how God commanded the Israelites to kill the Canaanites, God helping David fight Goliath, and many more. In the end we told her to just continue to read, pray, and come to church and she will learn the answer for herself. 

So when does school end? When do you get to actually start summer? It is getting close right? Tell Kenzie and Tori good luck on their exams. 

Well Love you all lots. Don't worry about me out here I am doing just fine. The only thing that is dragging me down is the lack of sleep ha-ha. Love you all lots! 

Elder Nielson 

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  1. Awww... Was looking forward to them meeting up! I'm sure it'll happen.... :) there is another special meeting in July... Thanks Elder Nielsen - I did send it by normal post :)