Monday, August 10, 2015

A Quick Letter but Pictures Included!! Yay!

Hey mom,
It is super late right now and we just got back to the office. We had to help with a sick sister for most of the day so our P-day got destroyed ha-ha. Oh well, at least I got to play basketball earlier today and my companion is going to teach me how to play ping pong next week. He played in College. The sick sister's name is Sister Pablo. We took a picture with her. I may send you one.  
Oh and thanks a ton for all of the wonderful photos. I cant wait to see all of your shining smiles in person. I bet a whole lot has changed since I have been gone. But don't worry, I am not really thinking about you. Actually I almost forgot to email you guys. I was more worried about getting my 10 OYM's before I go home tonight. Our mission is doing this faith experiment where every night all of the elders and sisters in the whole mission have to talk to at least 10 people everyday consistently for a month and than we will assess how our faith as a mission has grown. I somehow need to go and talk to 7 people on my way home tonight. 
Sorry this is such a short letter. Its really all I have time for this week! 
Well, love you lots! Hope you have a good week.
Elder Nielson

 Driving ahead! Yikes!
 Driving behind! Yikes!

 Elder Benosa and I with Sister Pablo.
Sister Galbraith with Sister Pablo, her companion and Elder Benosa. Does everyone look a little too happy? Except for poor Sister Pablo!

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