Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two More Weeks and Out of the Office :(

Hey Mom and Dad!

Life is going great out here. I am happy to be leaving the office. I actually don't think that it will be that much of an adjustment for me. Elder Benosa and I are teaching about 1-2 lessons every day to less actives and investigators and we also have been using literally every spare second to tract and talk to people. Honestly this is the hardest I have worked my whole mission. I think if I just transfer that energy from the work here in the office to the work out in the field I will be just fine. We found and started teaching a very nice family and they just love to listen to us and want us to come back all the time. Their last name is Gonzaga. One problem that we have run into out here is finding time to follow up and teach our potential investigators. It has been a very long time since the AP's or the OE's have really done real missionary work so almost all of the people we talk to have not really ever met with the missionaries before and want us to return to their homes. It is like the area is fresh again. Oh well, the next office elders can work that into their schedule haha. Thursday is the day that the new office elder comes in. I don't know who he is yet but I sure hope he is cool. I don't want to leave Elder Benosa with an awkward companion. I sure hope they will be able to keep the fire burning after I leave. I will get to train the new guy for 2 weeks and then I am out of here. 

So, your daughter is driving around in big scary Canadian cities and your son is driving around in big scary Filipino cities ha-ha. Which one is scarier to you? 

I am glad that you two had a nice safe trip to Las Vegas! Sounds like you two had a really fun time! I am glad that you were able to do something like that before school starts again. You have one more week before school starts again, Dad. You should go golfing or something haha. I wish I was coming home during summer time - that way I could spend a lot of time playing basketball and golf. 

I spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and had no notice. The stake president was supposed to be the concluding speaker but I guess I ended up being that. I spoke on repentance... I guess that was the topic for that Sunday haha. I also ended up teaching our gospel principles class on Sunday as well. Again I had zero notice. I am really honing my impromptu speaking in a different language skill. I am sure everyone is sick of my voice now. 

It also dumped rain on us this week. It was unrelenting. We literally got over half a meter of rain. I can't imagine where it all has gone to or how much water actually got dumped on us. It has at least calmed down a fair bit. Earlier today we enjoyed some good basketball, ping pong and chess. 

Well love you lots and I am glad you liked the photos. I will send more next week maybe haha.

Elder Nielson
 Finally! P-Day!
 Golfing with these crazy people! :)

Group Selfie!

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