Monday, August 17, 2015

Out of the Office!!

Thanks for the emails! I am not running my companion into the ground too hard ha-ha. I think he is getting used to it now at least. Our first week together he just about died from exhaustion but he is doing pretty good now. His name is Elder Benosa and he is from South Cotabato Mindanao. 

Wow - I hope you two have a great time in Las Vegas! That will be a really fun trip for you guys! Now you get to use up all the money your saving for not having me at home ha-ha. Things are going to get expensive again when I get back. I plan on drinking milk until I bankrupt you. Speaking of milk I hope I haven't developed an intolerance to it. That would not be okay with me. 

Wow Kenzie is the first child in our family to go and get a university education. She is just blazing trails in the adult world! I hope she does really well. 

Guess what? President told me that I will get one more area. That means I am leaving this office. My last month in my mission will certainly be the biggest test of them all. I would probably say that close to 70% of all missionaries have a really hard time in the last 2 transfers of their mission. I think it is definitely the hardest time in the mission to really work hard and be a good missionary. In my opinion the end is the most critical. You could have been a great missionary your whole mission, but if you crashed in the end your only going to be remembered as that guy who couldn't finish strong, only worked hard to get the callings, or worst of all, wasn't really converted. Now if you started your mission really badly or maybe had some hitches in the middle of the mission, but you finished really strong. You will be remembered as a really good hard working missionary who really changed his life to reflect God's will. Which is better? The servant that said he would do the chore but ended up not doing it, or the servant that said he wouldn't do it but in the end he actually completed the task. Same exact principle. This last transfer in the field is going be my best and I am going to literally be a PMG missionary. 

Well anyways, Mike emailed me and said that he was moving to Lethbridge and that I could room with him if I wanted.  That could be another good opportunity depending on location and stuff like that. 

I will try to send some photos today. I am just going to send a whole bunch I think. My camera is not doing so good right now so I will get the photos from Elder Bryson. Well I guess I won't be seeing Chase or Jaxon for a total of like 4 years haha. That is a long time.

I hope that the Vegas trip goes nice for you two. Send some pictures.

Well love you lots.

Elder Nielson 
 Amazing talent!

 Check out the cargo on this Jeepnee!
 A little closer look....
 Just another day in the Philippines! :)
 Seems like these two visit Crispy Creme Donuts fairy often!

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