Monday, August 31, 2015

The Office Season Finale!

Hi guys!!

Life is going pretty good out here for me. My new companion is Elder English. You probably know him from his blog. You might also know his mom. I think she is pretty in with the other mission moms. Anyways, he is doing pretty good right now. He is learning stuff pretty fast and I really think he will make a good office elder. I was his zone leader in Mindoro so we are pretty good friends already. Actually, I was zone leader for Elder Benosa and English. :)

I have been working really hard with a nice family out here. They are super poor and they are all members. The mom and the kids come to church literally every week. That father has been struggling with word of wisdom problems and staying active. Long story short, he came to church on Sunday so that was a really big step in the right direction for him. We have shown him the physical benefits and spiritual benefits of living the word of wisdom and we have tried super hard to teach the doctrine to him in a way that he can understand. I am sure you deal with stuff like this all the time. Do you have any suggestions? We have also been teaching a new investigating family that we picked up from tracting. They are super cool. The mother grew up as a JW but has kind of left that church because she got married to a non-member. Now she goes to church at a local born-again church. The mother really has a lot of respect for missionaries and what we do. She is willing to listen to everything we teach her and she is great at keeping commitments. If only I could teach her for 1 more transfer... I have met so many cool and amazing people out here during this last transfer. We have found so many people through the tracting efforts we are putting in everyday. I just love the work that we are getting done right now. There is no better feeling than the feeling after a hard day of missionary work.

I am super jealous of Kenzie and Kristy's trip to Kelowna. I want to go on a trip like that when I get home. I am in trouble... I really can't remember too much of the stuff I did in high school. Hopefully that is okay and won't effect me too much in collage haha. Actually I am getting kind of excited about college. Elder Brycen is working on his class schedule right now. Is that something that I should be worrying about? If it is, can you look into that stuff for me? I would hate to not be able to study next semester. I already don't know what I am going to do with my life for 2 months while I wait to go to school. I don't really want to try to get a job because who is going to hire me for just like 1.5 months? Oh well, I am sure I will come up with something to do. 

Hey Mom, can you try to sell my Xbox on Brooks Buy & Sell or something like that? It is still worth something and I have a lot of games but everyday that goes by it gets older and older and the value drops. I should have had you sell it 2 years ago... I think with all the games and everything you could probably get $200-300. That would go nicely in a laptop fund or something like that when I go home. I don't think I will be playing on the xbox anymore ( Doesn't mean I won't touch video games when I get home. So don't get you hopes up too high. I just won't play them nearly as much because they really are a big waste of time). 

Next week I am out of the office for good. I plan on leaving almost everything behind. I will take 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 polo and 50 books of Mormon. Bring it on. I am just kidding about that but I will be leaving most of my stuff at the office. It is starting to settle into my head that I am almost going home. I am still trying hard to kick those thoughts out. 

Kenzie! Sounds like you are doing really good. I am so happy that my little sister is able to go out and do scary things without her parents around haha. I don't think mom would ever be able to do a zip line. I hope we can do some fun stuff when I get home. We've got to pick something that we can get good at and really into like skiing, snow boarding, or just something super different. Lately on p-days we have been playing ping pong and chess. I am getting pretty good at both of them. It is super fun to just pick up something new and practice it. 

Oh well. Thanks for the email. Don't worry about me. Love you lots and have a good week.

Elder Nielson   

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